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Marek Flisiński

Chef in Water & Wine restaurant associated with it since the very beginning. A true enthusiast of fine dining, fully engaged in his work, talented and creative. His kitchen is dominated by seasonal, natural products from reliable regional suppliers. During the internship in Italy we had a chance to get to know the ins and outs of modern culinary techniques, which in Poland at this time were unknown or germinated timidly in the field of avant-garde gastronomy. This passion for trying an unknown still accompanies him today. In Water & Wine he creates new projects important for the development of the restaurant and sets directions for creating new recipes, closely related to seasonality.


Witek Iwański

Currently one of the most talented chefs in Poland. In 2013 he and his team created the menu which won in all the categories of the Wine & Food Noble Night Polish edition contest. He worked for several 5 star hotels in Warsaw, such as Jan III Sobieski, Sheraton, Marriott, Le Regina or InterContinental. He has completed internships in renowned restaurants in Stockholm, Oslo and Lyon. A graduate of the gastronomic school on Poznańska Street in Warsaw. In 2008 he won 1st place in the „Discovery of the Year” poll organized by Kuchnia monthly. At present he is responsible for the menu and staff of the main restaurant in the Narvil Hotel Conference & Spa in the city of Serock, a short way off Warsaw. He uses local products when cooking, partially from the garden he grew himself next to the hotel.


Ani Ani

Ania Lipnicka-Niewiara graduated from the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Ceramics and Glass. Ceramic was supposed to be her hobby, one of the aspects of her artistic vision. It became however her way of life. During her studies she came to understand that honing her craft and knowledge of the materials are but one of the of artistic creation in clay. What equally important - the pottery must reflect personality and a conscious design, at the same time remaining open to artistic development and novel techniques. She emphasizes the importance of being engaged in work with each individual client. Her work in Denmark broadened her horizons and allowed her to find a personal, unique path. She founded the Ani Ani Studio in 2013. Ania specializes in ceramic mosaics, which can be a form of functional painting or artistic kitchen wares: an integrative canvas for the artisan chef.



Fenek is a small design studio based in Warsaw, Poland,founded in 2014 by Agata Klimkowska and Tosia Kiliś. They are interested in various craftsmanship techniques, but for now  mostly work with porcelain. Not only do they design their ceramic objects but also making them personally in their ceramic workshop.


Spiek Ceramiczny

Spiek Ceramiczny is a tiny studio at the suburbs of Poznań city . Presented forms are created by traditional method of wheel throwing with clay or porcelain mass and are characterized by a simple form and toned colors. The final effect is achieved through knowledge, the use of traditional technologies and constant experimentation in the search for new solutions. The work explores the mixture of material science and inspirations by natural and subtle forms. The Lab was established in 2013 near Poznan, and now undergoes renovation and adaptation a new workspace.




Pszczelarium is a family bee-keeping business set up in 2013 by Agnieszka Skórska & Kamil Baj. Pszczelarium sets up and services urban bee-hives. It is a great way to help saving bees, as it is for their main clients: companies and public entities willing to give bees a new home and space and contribute to bee-friendly environment. Pszczelarium's bees manufacture extraordinary urban honey. The highest quality of the honey was laboratory tested (more: sklep.pszczelarium.pl). Not only is the honey free from  heavy metals and hydrocarbons, but also tastes and smells so nice that no other traditional honey can compare. Moreover Pszczelarium runs bee-keeping workshops and welcomes people visiting their apiaries. Pszczelarium took care of some 100 hives around Warsaw, Gdańsk and Katowice in 2016.



The mantra at JAVA is good coffee is a HUMAN RIGHT! They stand for the freshness and quality of bean, great customer service, fair treatment of co-workers as well as farmers who go the extra mile, and a sustainable approach to life. A tall order you might say? They say nothing is more important than doing their very best to improve the daily ritual of drinking a cup of coffee, a time of the day when the clock stops or when you need to put a delicious block under your internal brake pedal! JAVA Coffee began in 1999 and incorporated in 2001. Their key focus is, and always will be, to serve high quality Arabica coffees, perfectly roasted, packaged with the complete story told and consumed within weeks of roasting. The fact that today’s trends seem to be following what has always mattered most to them, well that’s just an added bonus, they think.



Elementy clothes are basics, precise in their form and finishing. Proportional cuts, simplicity and high quality natural fabrics. We reinterpret classics. We believe in a return to accuracy and refinement. Elementy was created for the contemporary woman and man - confident and aware. Our designs are accurate, timeless, whole and fully natural in their expression.



When they try Rajman for the first time, people usually close their eyes and purr with delight, and then open them wide with surprise upon hearing that it’s made with apples and apples only. They give the nod, try each one of the seven flavours and choose their favourite. Rajman are gourmet delicacies handcrafted with insane dedication to effortlessly enhance almost every dish. Discover seven diverse flavours created with the use of only one ingredient, without any additives. Exclusively from Polish organic apples to foodlovers' delight.


Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree is a family manufacture specialized in production of sour cherry specialities. Sour cherries have been present in the history of the owners' family for three generations but only recently they have started their own production based on the fruit from their orchard. Having uniquely sweet and deep in flavour fruit they consciously resign from using sugar, artificial preservatives and dyes. They focus on the original taste and health properties of sour cherries that is why they base their production on traditional recipies and offer complete sour cherry experience.



KAASKAS was founded in Warsaw in 2014 by two sisters: fashion designer Kasia Skórzyńska and sociologist Julia Skórzyńska-Ślusarek. Born in Poland, both sisters spent their childhood years in Brazil - country which strongly influenced their taste and sense of aesthetics. Inspired by the intense and diverse beauty of the South and at the same time fascinated by the simple elegance of the traditional Japanese and Chinese garments, KAASKAS represents a multidisciplinary approach to fashion design. It is open to artistic experiment, constantly exploring new paths and forms of expression. KAASKAS‘s most characteristic features include vivid prints, unobvious color combinations and geometrical forms. The unique, edgy looks capture the essence of a modern lifestyle.


The event is co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland as part of the "Cooperation in the field of public diplomacy 2016".